Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Yes please...the Art of Acceptance

Recently I sent a card to my friend Lizzie to invite her for tea & cake as I haven't seen her for a while, today I received a lovely acceptance card from her in the post which made me ponder on the Art of Acceptance. It's so nice to receive things through the post, particularly if they involve making plans. Sometimes an e mail or a text just won't cut it & a carrier pigeon is going a little too far. In honour of the art of acceptance I have searched a few little beauties on Etsy to share with you...

Admittedly this last one is a wedding invite (with RSVP) but I couldn't resist it's rock & roll style.
And to finish, a lovely one from the Great British Folksy too 
All invites featured are from Folksy or Etsy

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