Saturday, 23 July 2011

Breakfast in...

Bed? Spittalfields? New York?
Insert cafe or destination of choice here....

Today's post is a celebration of the humble banana as a breakfasting companion.
Upon waking a little jaded after an evening of overindulgence I am currently breakfasting in bed on my favourite hangover cure of Greek yogurt, banana, blueberries, honey & granola. Mmmmm.

Yesterday I frequented one of my favourite cafe's for a toasted banana and cinnamon sandwich which is so simple and scrummy. 

Next Saturday I shall be breakfasting in Spittalfields with my friend Sarah, probably singing my new favourite song 'Breakfast in Spittalfields' by Juan Zelada. Not guaranteeing that a banana breakfast will be on the cards then but I wouldn't be at all surprised seen as the lovely crepe affaire does a great banana pancake (another banana brekkie fave)

Whilst singing the banana sarnie's praises I googled some other suggestions for accompaniments to spread on your toast alongside sliced banana....looks like honey, peanut butter or cashew butter are also worth a try, I'll keep you posted!

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