Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Reading rooms

Today's post is a celebration of the beauty of good bookshops.
I was gutted when my local Borders turned into a Pets at Home thus removing my favourite Friday post work guilty pleasure (Starbucks Chai & a stash of magazines/books helped pave the transition from working week to weekend) so I'm celebrating these little beauties as alternative reading rooms... 

I Love love love Daunt's on Marylebone High Street where I recently found these enticing books for my reading wish list

Lazy Thoughts is one lady's comeback to Jerome K Jerome's Idle Thoughts of an Idle fellow so looking forward to digging into that one.

Much as I love a great bookshop like Daunt's you can't beet a root around a good ol' second hand one for digging out some curiosities. Here are some gem's I found in my local Help the Aged Charity bookshop (which also serves coffee and biccies enabling me to linger over the books and indulge in some great earwigging of chatter whilst browsing too)

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