Saturday, 25 June 2011

Pure pleasure seeker

Brighton: the perfect place to discover pleasures old & new. I often return here at Bank Holidays with friends to indulge in wandering around The Lanes window shopping, stopping for coffee & cake and paying our ritual visit to the carousel on the beach to remind ourselves of the joy nostalgic pleasures. Let me share with you some of the pleasurable highlights from my recent visit to the Pleasure trove that is Brighton...

This quirky little magic shop in Kemptown where I bought a magic wand (just because you can) has the best signage. It also sells mini sharpie pens in a range of colours to attache to your keyring. Now that's magic!

A stroll along the promenade is a must, come rain or shine. Indeed a drizzly day on a British beach gives you the perfect excuse to retreat to a cosy coffee shop for tea & cake. We were almost blown away by the wind on our recent visit so took the perfect excuse to shelter in The Mock Turtle and catch up with friends over pots of tea & vast amounts of cake. Highly recommend this little Brighton gem for atmosphere and a quintessential tea room vibe, although it's often packed to bursting so be prepared to share a table and make new friends, or chastise yourself for not ordering the cake that the girls did on the next table, cake envy can be highly dangerous in my book. You have been warned!   
A final photo-tribute must be paid to the waiter who put a heart in my wobbly coffee (Baileys latte in case you were wondering) at Hotel du Vin. Nothing like a hearted frothy latte to make you feel special after a long day of wandering & window shopping, even if he does do it for all the girls.

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