Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Luella's Guide to English Style

I love this book, an amusing read on quintessentially English style, written by Luella Bartley. It made me laugh out loud and nod in agreement.

On the theme of Romance Luella comments...
' We Miss Englands are complex creatures, our inner traits just as inconsistent as the clothes we choose'.
When listing 'good signs in a man' she includes 'foppish hair, odd socks, knowledgeable on pop trivia, knows his country code, can put up a tent & good at Dad stuff'.' Included in what men like about British girls are 'she is quick witted, frank & disarmingly rude, and gives as good as she gets' as well as 'she has a wicked laugh' & 'can cook 3 recipes brilliantly'. It's not all romance talk though, there are enlightening explorations of quintessentially English garments from the tea dress, the tour T shirt, the duffel coat to status symbols of style (trial by dress), a shopping directory and much more knowledge & humour besides.   And the real bonus I discovered is that Luella's guide to English Style is only a bargainous £14 (was £20) in the Urban Outfitters Sale right now.
And yes, it will make your life better if you buy it, borrow it, or read it any which way you can. Even if only for a small 20 minute tea break slot of reading time I reckon you will be a little bit cheerier & enlightened.
(for some reason my photo won't post today so will update you with a piccy of Luell'as Guide at a later date...)

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